Classes start Feb 20th.
As you all know, we had to close one week early in December because of the “no more than 10 people per class room rule”. In an attempt to circumvent this problem, we went ahead and split up all the classes that had more than 10 people in the class to prevent us from having to close again if they bring this rule back in the future. If you got moved to another class this is not a demotion. The teacher will keep the choreography the same for both classes so you will be learning the same thing in either class. The level stays the same. You will just have less kids in your class.
The Saturday class schedule stayed the same (MINIS). Also, the JR class schedule stayed the same as it was in December. If you are an INT or a SR please get in touch with us.
To our parents/students and staff. We can’t thank you all enough for your support and your patience as we continue to navigate our way through this. We are continuing to monitor the status of the competitions as the directors of the competitions are doing the same. Until then, our goal is to continue to provide a safe, positive, fun, atmosphere for the kids to take class and have FUN. We will let you know more about the competitions when we know more.